Innovative, Touch-Free Fixtures

Whether you’re worried about flu season or its simply a matter of convenience, installing touch-free fixtures in your home or office is a great wat to help promote a healthier living environment. Here we have a few of our favorite examples of hands-free technology.

Touch-Free wash bar

This multifunction fixture provides easy-to-identify icons that will orient and guide the user through a touch-free soap, water and hand dryer experience. LED lights change from blue to green when a function is activated. Helps to keep water off the floor for safety and keeps people and the facility sanitary.

Hands-Free door hardware

Improve facility cleanliness with specially designed low-touch and no-touch door hardware.

Step Handle

Step down and pull the door towards you, 100% hands free. Gripper teeth and raised lip provide traction without sticking in shoe tread. Angled enough to grab with your shoe, but not high enough to trip on. Designed for use with shoes, boots, and sandals

Touch-Free elevator sensor

The PHANTOM Touchless Sensor allows almost any elevator manufacturer’s button to become touchless. PHANTOM is installed beside existing buttons. PHANTOM detects finger-like objects (ex. pen or pencil) while rejecting other objects (ex. shopping bag or purse), reducing false activations.

Voice activated Faucet

‘Turn my faucet on. Pour two cups.’ The Sensate smart faucet with voice-activated technology dispenses measured amounts of water at your spoken command. Just say the words to turn the water on, fill containers to a preset level or dispense a specific quantity. In addition to voice control, this touchless faucet includes a motion sensor that turns water on and off with a wave of your hand.

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