• Does an ICF Home Cost More Than a Stick Frame home?
    The savings you reap each month in utility costs, insurance and maintenance make the ICF build a hands down choice.
  • Reuse and Repair
    By repairing your clothing, belongings, electronics, etc., you can greatly increase their lifespans…the DIY repair of products results in less overall waste.
  • Earth Sheltered Homes (A Case for Hobbit Homes)
    I’ve been more than a little obsessed with the idea of Hobbit homes, especially after I learned that, yes, people can actually live in their own hole in the ground. The proper term for these types of homes are “earth sheltered homes” and which, as it turns out, ICF’s lend themselves well to.
  • Sustainable Building: A Quick Reference to Terms & Certifications
    When it comes to building sustainably, there are many different ways to go about it, and even more when considering all of the possible certifications that get tossed around. But what do all these certifications and terms mean? Some may be similar, but they aren’t all interchangeable. Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index: This is […]
  • Solarpunk & An Interview with Optopia Magazine
    The origins of solarpunk trace back to 2008 with a post on a blog called Republic of the Bees. The idea of the post was to create a subgenre of speculative fiction similar to steampunk, but rather than the alternative realities of steampunk where steam power and Victorian technologies remained prevalent, it would be based on renewable technologies like wind and solar power.