• Tips on Building a Sustainable home
    There are many components that go into a sustainable home, from the design to the actual build process, and even the materials used to build it and the appliances installed. Here’s an overview of considerations to make throughout the process in order to increase the sustainability of your home. 
  • Building Your Dream Home As Smoothly As Possible
    For many of us, a new home is one of the largest financial decisions we’ll make, so its important to take the proper steps to ensure your home will benefit you for years to come.
  • Does an ICF Home Cost More Than a Stick Frame home?
    The savings you reap each month in utility costs, insurance and maintenance make the ICF build a hands down choice.
  • Reuse and Repair
    By repairing your clothing, belongings, electronics, etc., you can greatly increase their lifespans…the DIY repair of products results in less overall waste.
  • Earth Sheltered Homes (A Case for Hobbit Homes)
    I’ve been more than a little obsessed with the idea of Hobbit homes, especially after I learned that, yes, people can actually live in their own hole in the ground. The proper term for these types of homes are “earth sheltered homes” and which, as it turns out, ICF’s lend themselves well to.