• Innovative, Touch-Free Fixtures
    Whether you’re worried about flu season or its simply a matter of convenience, installing touch-free fixtures in your home or office is a great wat to help promote a healthier living environment. Here we have a few of our favorite examples of hands-free technology. Touch-Free wash bar This multifunction fixture provides easy-to-identify icons that will […]
  • Fixtures & Finishes
    Originally posted in our November 2020 newsletter Choosing the fixtures in your home is one of the last steps in the design process and should be chosen in conjunction with your home’s finishes. While finishes include countertops, paint colors, flooring, and drywall types (i.e. anything that makes your home look “finished”), fixtures are hardware that […]
  • Building with Reclaimed Materials
    The use of reclaimed materials is a great way to build sustainably. They not only can be used for foundational and exterior construction, but can also be used for trims, finishes, decorations, and even fixtures depending on the material.
  • Tips on Building a Sustainable home
    There are many components that go into a sustainable home, from the design to the actual build process, and even the materials used to build it and the appliances installed. Here’s an overview of considerations to make throughout the process in order to increase the sustainability of your home. 
  • Building Your Dream Home As Smoothly As Possible
    For many of us, a new home is one of the largest financial decisions we’ll make, so its important to take the proper steps to ensure your home will benefit you for years to come.