DO select your finishes as early in the building process as possible.  Finishes are your electrical and plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, door and window hardware, paint colors, etc.

DON’T ask subcontractors on the job to do additional work for you. Your contractor has an agreement with each subcontractor as to their scope of work and the price. Your suggestions or requests are not helpful to the process.

DO keep changes in your selections and design to a minimum.  Any change to the original plan may result in an additional charge and a delay in the building schedule.

DON’T show up on the job site unexpectedly.

DO leave your friends, family and kids at home.  A construction site is a dangerous place, plus there is a liability issue.

DON’T be surprised if there are delays to the schedule due to weather and unforeseen circumstances. Your builder should keep you informed.

DO expect a pay request at the end of each month and plan to pay promptly.  The builder has subcontractors that need to be paid for their work, usually by the 10th of each month.

DON’T call your builder on weekends, holidays and evenings. They have a life just like you do. Emails are a good way of communicating, plus everything is in writing.

DO expect the unexpected. There are always hidden costs that arise during the building process that even the builder is not aware of: i.e., site excavation can crank up the price if rock is underneath all that dirt.

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